Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I think I'm in love!

Hehe. I think I'm in love. There's no other words than these to describe it. I mean the symptoms are there. Smiling by myself for no reason what so ever, my heart is thumping hard against my chest, just thinking about that particular someone, and definitely, absolutely wanting to hear his voice like all the time. Kyaa!

Hihi. And giggling of course. We can't forget giggling. I mean I still don't know whether to embrace this feeling or control it. But right now there are just so many emotions flowing inside in me I just have to write it down somewhere otherwise, I'm gonna explode with just the sheer intensity of it. Haihh. 

   I just couldn't control it. I mean it just came and shook me with no warning bells at all. I was just enjoying and rocking my single life when suddenly it came and took my heart away. And haha though i haven't posted anything in a very long time..i guess this post does have something to do with the last one. And that makes it more perfect. Not posting anything in a long time and this post connecting with the last post. That means there is a higher probability of not having anyone reading this blog. Hiihihih. Aigoo.  I don't know if he knows or not. I mean i dunno if what I gave was a clue or not. And I'm still in the phase of confusion. I don't even know what it is yet. And what it is at all! And maybe the state of not knowing and the excitement is what is making all of this more interesting. Who knows. Maybe this is just a phase and it will pass. Or maybe it will grow into something more and stay. By more I mean just by myself and not with that particular someone that is making my heart flutter and my stomach aching. Hehe. We'll see how it goes and grows from here.



  1. cogratzzz amirul, glad to hear ^_^

  2. salam Asma. lama tk dgr cerita. segnnyaaa

    1. wsalam, rindu nk dngr citer amirul.....thats why i'm always read your stories