Wednesday, 13 February 2013


i think the last time that we were truly honest to each other..really opened up to each other was the night before i went to college..we were scared that college were going to pull us right we were...afterwards..i guess things have never been the same...the distance didn't really play a role..but maybe our friends changed...and everything changed..i was really shocked at first when i first found out...and sad maybe..i mean..we weren't anything official or anything..but i always felt that we don't need any official word to make it any truer than it already is..and i dare to write this cause i know that you don't care about me enough anymore to find out anything about a way i guess..that does make me sad..and really..truly.i don't blame anyone in this's all my fault..i plunged in..and it was too hard..i couldn't climb i just stared at the light and wished that one day..i too can reach it..knowing the theory is easy..but hey..practical is an entirely different thing. At first i didn't recognize what it was..i was foreign..i should have just followed nature...when a pathogen, a foreign substance enters the body...the b cells and T helper cells recognize them...t helper cell secrete lymphokines and help B cells to carry out mitosis more vigourously and thus secreting more antibodies and destroying...the unknown..i should have stopped myself from going further..and now it's just too see..i'm used to getting what i want...chasing what i want..saying what i want...never thinking bout it..cause that's just how i am..and all this songs isn't helping friends say that we should treat our hearts with our real lover..i should follow their advices

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