Sunday, 27 January 2013


Salam alaik....

lazim dirasa..dirasa manusia...
namun..sukar difahami insan
cukup indah. namun kdang kala seksa
soalan yg jelas
mengapa seksa itu ada jika indah gemar menyapa
cinta itu bukan kerna yg hakk.
yang satu
yang kekal.

hampir semua insan pernah merasa cinta itu..tetapi..
hampir jua setiap insan gagal get around that love
to be in love and to love and to want to be loved
is completely acceptable
it is in the human nature
in fact
we are the very essence of the love from our parents
but do not taunt that pure love with nafs
when you doubt yourself...maybe...
just maybe..
there is something deep down that is wrong.
so what do you do?
who do you turn towards to?
and again the answer is something that you already know
love someone for the reason that is pure
love someone for the reason that is forever
love that someone for something that will never leave you
that will love you as equally or just maybe..more
to love and to hold...
we all know what that reason is..
and the only thing that is left...
for us to be string enough to get your butt off that couch and do something about it..
or better yet..that something that we must do..need not butt moving...
but something deeper...
something that requires the movement of your very self...
your very essence..
your heart....
that's okay if you forget..
that;s why you are here...
and that is why i am here...
we are here to remind each other...
of the reason that lasts forever

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