Monday, 10 September 2012

cinta sejati

Cinta itu tidk pernh slh sbb cinta itu suci. Kita wujud sbb cinta. Cinta dr Allah swt kat kita. Tp cinta itu tercemar dgn uncontrolled nafsu. Semua ade nafsu. Mcm aku nafsu plg obvious ialah err nafsu tido:) Lately students bukn main ag sweet. Adakah cinta itu sekdar awak rindu saya tp saya laagi rindu awak. Kenapa awak tk call saya..saya rindu tauu. Nak merajuk. Does our love extends to that much only? Oh my. I didn't know that we are errr that simple. Don't get me wrong. Of course it's very common for us to feel something. I mean to not feel anything at that is weird. But you have to remember the original purpose of you right now. When you waste sooo much of your precious time missing and looving someone else, others are struggling super hard for that spot that was supposed to be yours in the scholarship. So do something to change my was to is. KAY?

I write this cause I constantly need to remind myself also. So I don't get side-tracked while aiming for real, juicy stuff. This little short happiness along the way will only be for that moment only. Yes it's okay to hang out and chill but everything has their limit. Do not be embarrassed to turn down an offer when someone ask you to hang out at sunway or mid or wherever, remember it's more embarrassing if you don't get to fly because you don't meet the requirements. Of course one outing is not going to make the difference but you get what I'm talking bout. oh yeah. I was originally gonna talk about cinta sejati. haha 'side-tracked' plak.

Anyway, my dad got into accident. It was 2 weeks ago but I didn't know until recently. It's nothing serious but of course there will be after effect after the accident occur. He constantly feels pening and he doesn't have his balance yet. And mom's like the wonder woman at her maximum. She's taking care of him and do all that. And that's why I remembered, now this is true love. Dad is going through some health difficulties and she's doing everything she can to make it a better period. Of course me and my sisters help around also but that's nothing laa compared to my mom. In conclusion study hard. Mom says that every time dad goes to see a doctor, he always say "nanti akak mcm ni lah bila akak dh jd doktor nnt" Oh boy, i better get cracking then.....

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  1. i lovee the sentence "others are struggling to get the scholarship" haha. adoii. xsanggup rasa nak pikir pasal benda2 cincai love2 ni. a levels susaaaah.bahaha