Friday, 31 August 2012


Assalamualaikum to all and may you have a good day. The name above mentioned is one my closest friends' name. I do not have A best friends for I have lots of them. Insyallah. I've tweeted this once "it's okay to make new friends but don't forget the old ones". Well, if it turns out that you DO forget them, maybe they're not really your closest friends. Cause once you love someone, they don't ever leave. They stay right there with you. Right in your heart.  I've been here. I've been there. Seen that. Done that. And yet, life never fail to surprise me.

It's been almost 2 months here for me in Taylors but sometimes, I still have the difficulties to blend in and mix around. I may seem cheerful and happy all the time but hey, looks deceive. So, what's the kaitan between Ummu and this post?? Everything actually. I was just looking at her pictures at FB and realised how cute she looks. Alhamdulillah. Life has given me soo much and you, my friend are one of life's most awesome gift to me.

Hehe. While I was browsing through your pictures a.k.a stalking you, I said to myself, wow Ummu has so many great memories. Gangster kampungan laa katekan. And then it struck me, life is always how you want it to be. The choice is ALWAYS yours. You are the one who chose to smile or sulk. You are the one who chose to study or not. You are the one who chose whether to say or do those embarrassing things or not. Life may have played a pert in which it can compel you to that particular something but in the end, the ones who pull the final straw, the ones who did the final decision is you.

So when life fails you, remember that when life fails you, you are the ones who failed yourselves. However, when you succeed, you're the one who gave yourself that particular gift. Do NOT forget though. Allah S.W.T. gave you that thing. What I mean is that is in terms of effort. Haha. I don't know if my tajuk is still relevant or not. Don't worry Ummu, even if some may say that the tajuk isn't relevant to the post, know that you are ALWAYS relevant in my heart:)

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