Saturday, 4 August 2012


Haha. Such a boring topic kan. but what can i say, there's nothing but the truth. Before I forget, Ya Robbi, it's already Ramdhan and I wonder why I didn't change much from last month of ramadhan. It's been ages since I last updated my blog. And seriously, it's been err kinda hectic for me. And aku punya fon bukannnya boleh online pun. Fon cikai jee. Tp tu fon pertama kot and hadiah SPM tau. So mmg hargai tau. Thanks mama. By the way, yesterday was mama's birthday and tomorrow is Wafiqah's birthday and today is JGS's birthday. Heheh. Happy birthday to all and remember I love you. And I do NOT sayy that for the fun of it. It is because I truly mean it. The love goes to Jang Geun Seuk also. What can I do?? The guy has fabulous hair and is more beautiful than more women I ever encountered. 

Alright enough introduction.Wanna know Why I miss you guys, it's because I love you guys soo much of course. What can be the reason other than the above?? Nope. Nothing that I can think of. When I was first got the offer to go to STF, I jumped with joy. Cause I was happy. Only Allah knows that STF had soo much to offer to me more than I can ever think of. It was quite awkward at first. But then as usual, friends just had to step in and make everything just SPLENDID:). And I never regretted my years in STF. Especially during this Ramadhan. Even aku selalu tidur time terawih (and still do unfortunately), I can't believe I'm about to say this but I miss teh heat of MUFAZ and the sheer packness of it. And the time when we were so silent during our iftar that even Ustazah Mazura pitied us. And how tha wardens shouted at us for eating more( though we were bejotting at that time). 

Yes I made new friends here in Taylors but hey what can I say?? You guys are simply the best. When we grew up in STF, we spent a solid 5 years there. That is kind of a big deal you know. That was period where some of us may be having their first period and crying because of it maybe? When we were still trying to find that personal personality where we can finally that someone that we can truly be. C'mon. We were just trying to grow up into something really foreign  that neither of us can ever predict. I mean , at least I feel that way. I was COMPLETELY different from who I was when I was in primary secondary. If let say that the me from when I was in primary school was going to visit the me in STF, i'm sure that the past me wasn't gonna recognize the other me. I was THAT different. And because you guys helped me through that super awkward period, I can really be my very weird and quirky self when I'm with you guys. Hihihi. Do take that as a compliment, Even someone from Taylor's said that I was weird. (Though I tried very hard to be non-weird and all that nonsense stuff).

 Currently adoring this song since beetles and roses<3

So you get the picture right that I ultimately, unconditionally and irrevocably MISS you guys. Though you guys may not feel the same bout me. Sob2. Sorry no new pictures of me. But seriously I think I lost some weight. HIHI.

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  1. chaishh..ak tak penah2 nak nanges ni rase cengeng plakkk.imysdm too !