Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Assalamualaikum and good day peeps. So lets get back to business. Dena Bahrin's 14 weeks pregnant (wow, congrats) and maria elena's gonna get married soon (aku bile lagi...huhu). So I bet not all of you have heard of the second child syndrome term right. But since I'm a second child myself, that is why I would like to introduce the term to those who are interested. Remember life's studying is not just in the books but it's a life long journey.

Second child syndrome usually happens because the parents are usually very excited when they are having their first child but that buzzing excitement tends to die down when the second child comes in. I said that it tends to but there is still chances that that excitement will continue to live on. Hihi. So then maybe there's some sort of negligence towards the second child. Parents rarely becomes unfair towards their children but they are humans and just like any other humans, parents make mistake. So sometimes second child feels ignored and may suffer from the feeling of being unwanted.

So what are really the characteristics of a second child????

-low self esteem/ high confidence
haha. I know the 'tajuk' looks confusing. You see, when the second child tends to be 'ignored', the second child may be suffering from low self esteem as they feel that they are unwanted and not loved. So every little bit of mistakes or unfamiliarity may bring forth a sense of being uncomfortable. However, the situation may reverse. And the kid may be kinda confident and independent. Since the child are always left to tend by themselves, they become independent and know how to manage themselves earlier from the other siblings.

emmm, since the child may be left to tend to themselves a lot, second child are usually loners and not really sociable, Because even in a small society (the family) they are being outcasted and are outsiders, this would pose to become a problem in a bigger society. Sometimes it's a matter of familiarity, they have become used to being alone so why not continue to being alone?? It's more comfortable to be by yourself where people don't judge you no matter how weird or freaky you are.

-trust issues
When  we are kids, it's only natural that we want to rely on our parents and to receive help from them in anyway possible. But when second child kinda, always solve their problems by themselves, it's harder to learn to put your trust in others. To try to lean on someone else.

But really all the characteristics above are just theories. These characteristics may not stay as students will expand their social field and meet new people and meet new friends. So, really nothing is absolute in the human body. I'm a second child myself and I personally think that second child are nit hard headed/degil and awesome perharps?? ahakss

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