Sunday, 10 June 2012

College Life

Assalamualaikum~. Hehe. Tajuk ni bosan kan. Cam agak menyemak. Entahlah. Tgh bosn thp gabn ni. Baju tk jemur ag tp mls nak mmpos. Mmg bosan gile. Nak kawen. Hmm...

So kan dulu aku sekolah ngn perempuan 5 thn kan, soo sah2 ah aku agak fobia skit dgn si arjuna ni. Urghh nak muntah aku sebut arjuna. wekk. Mmmg first time jumpa lelaki mase time ngn MOZAC dulu tu, aku mmg cuak gile ah. Ingt ag teacher Maini gelakkan aku sbb muka aku cuak thp &*&(. Tp last2, aku nyer suare plg kuat. Nak buat cmne. Dah habit aku. Kalu 'mengajar' suare mmg jd kuat. Pastu yg second time, time yg buln tujuh tu ah. Emm.

Aku masih bosan. And then, aku rase cam mungkin lps aku abis SPM, rase malu/fobia tu dh berkurg skit. Cam ade lah jugak kwn XY ni. Walau hanya di alam maya. Adelah jugk contact. Tp takde ah jumpa on regular ocassion. Anyway, aku dulu emmm suka ah gak cuci mata kat FB tu kalau bosan2, tp lps aku keje pizza hut, cam dh lame tak online. Pastu, aku rase cam aku jd lebih sgn doh ngn lelaki ni, rase pelik skit ah. Ade link kat blog Farah nak tgk video tu, pastu cam ade XY pastu rase cam mls nk tgk. Urghh. Can't imagine how weird it would be with them at college life.

 I personally agree with school of one sex. I think it brings out the full potential of a student. Cause you don't have to waste time thinking about what the sex think of you. Anyway, boys are like this reaaalllly opposite species compared to girls. In terms of appearance ( of course) and definitely in terms of sikap and stuff. They think like on a whole different frequency from girls. We're on FM frequency and they're on AM frequency. Sometimes these two frequencies collide but most of the time, they stay far away from each other. Making it quite difficult to understand the opposite party.

I'm like totally excited to start studying and stuff. I just have to go through another month at home. And take care of Laila and cook for her. HAHA. I sound like a mom. Or a housekeeper. Both work well. But at the same time of course, I'm scared cause it'll be a totally different environment for me to study in. Anyway, best of luck to all.

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  1. Link video blog Farah ? is it me? hmmm link video apa eh?