Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Assalamualaikum~. Hehe. Baru bgn tido je tetibe terpikir psl benda ni.  So, of course there's a limit to how we act around boys and how we act around girls right. We're different so there's bound to be limitation such an aggravation. Haha. Takde lah.

Being a muslim and being a teenager holds many obstacles. But truly of course these obstacles were never meant  to make it difficult for us. Ever had a situation where you say to say yourself " Why?? Why?? Why did I do did?? I feel like going invisible" Haha. I say it ALL the time. But then I thought to myself, I didn't do what Allah S.W.T. tells me to. And that is why I suffered the after effects. I mean, it's not that Allah had those after effects for me as a punishment and what not, HE simply does not want me to feel bad afterwards that's why he told me not to do it. Am I making any points her? Aigoo.

Okay. So I act differently when I'm exactly face to face with a boy than when I'm online with him. Ezham once said to me this while I was IM-ing with him. This was a looong time ago. " Amboi....depan aku bukan main sopan ag eh kau..kat sini..hmmph" Lebih kurang lah. So then I thought, what makes it different. Why do we act differently?

Maybe it is simply because of familiarity. The more often we spend time with a guy or a girl, the more familiar we are with him or her. Be it real presence in real life or in the internet. The feeling of being in the company in another boy would of course make you nervous. Unless you're familiar with him of course. The more practice you have with what to do, the more you know how to act. Well, as the saying goes....practice makes perfect. But the presence of another person will make it easier. Haiih...

So then I thought again...' you can't judge a book by it's cover'. Well to me that's kinda bullshit. If a book has a cover saying fairytails and other stories, will you find the History of America as its content? I bet you that 99 % of the content will have fairytails and other stories. The other 1 % is a mistake on the printing company. I read a tweet saying that you can't judge a person by their tweets. Excuse me but don't you tweet what's in your mind so isn't who you really are determines what you think and thus what you tweet??

whatever. so try to act the same as how you are in the internet. if you're good ad better and nicer in the real world, make sue you're nice in the maya world as well. im rambling and not making any points -.-. bye


  1. hihi.maybe this 'nervous' problem is applicable to only certain groups of girls around the world.kah3 if u noe what i mean.haha actually xjadi masalah sangat pon tp sb xbiasa.nanti kat kolej ok lah kot.we'll be meeting lots of cool and greatminded boys.hmm hope kita xteruk sangat kat sana nanti.hahaha

  2. totally agree ! it's really hard but ive been trying it.acting the same way on the Net as u are in real life. sbb tu aku tak suka sgt post status kat fb.slalu org yang post marah2,maki2 tu bknnya brani pun f2f dgn org yg dy marah tu kan..?