Monday, 28 May 2012

PiZZA hut

Assalamualaikum. Haha. It's been since forever since I posted anything on my blog. The last post was on 1st of May. Awesome date. If you know what I mean. BLURRGHH. Okay so believe it or not, I've been busy so that's why I couldn't update my blog. But fear not my dearest fans for I am here. The reason I've been busy recently is because I was a woman with career. HAHA. A career with Pizza Hut that is. When I was still schooling, I've always imagined that I would work part time after I finished my SPM. But then, after SPM, well surprise surprise I didn't work. Instead I learned how to cook. Another thing that I didn't expect. See, expect the unexpected. Okay so after 5 months of being an awesome domestic engineer, mom pitied me and we started job hunting. At first I wanted to work at the cool blog in Giant near my home but they didn't want anyone part time. S bye bye Cool Blog. You don't know what you're missing. Trust me if I was working there, people would be lining up just to wait for me to take their order. HAHA. *saat pearasan sebentar

Okay so I started working on 8th May. I know what everybody is thinking. Everyone's already going to study but fear not for I will continue my study in July that's like another month away. So I went for my 'interview' and it was like for 5 minutes or something and I was soo excited so I went to get my typhoid injection and stuff and started working the next day. The first day was very tiring. My legs felt like they were going to fall off that night. Haha. Wished someone could massage it for me. Yes YOU!!. My mistake. Cause that week it was pay week which means everyone just got their salary. So they decided to spend it for lunch at Pizza Hut. That night I was asleep after I prayed my Maghrib prayers. And so I went on working and stuff.

There was Firdaus the first 2 weeks and he kinda made everything a lot easier since he was always making jokes and everything. But the he resigned cause he always had to stay until closing time. So if you ever worked at Pizza Hut you would know how tiring it was. I even lost some weight. HAHA. During lunch time, we would run around taking orders, delivering products and following up to the orders. And then Abang Anwar was always bullying me around. You know he kinda reminds me of my seniors in STF. And then there was Abang Nazrul. He was really nice.

Anyway ever since I worked in Pizza Hut, I learned quite a lot about people actually. It's true about what the teachers said in school that we really actually know zero about the outside world. Well that's okay cause we were studying at that time. But now that we are out of school learn more that the academic stuff. Try to understand life. Make mistakes and learn from the. Ask stu pid questions and possibly get smart answers. Watch movies and dream. Dream BIG!.

Can't wait to watch THE DARK SHADOWS and SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. hehe. wee~ I am now a free lady. Well for a month anyway.

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