Wednesday, 25 April 2012

RMC-STF part 6


Aah. Finally the day came. The day we had to go back to our school. I have to say I was quite sad cause then we would have to go back to out normal boring lives. Doing the same routines and there was that sbp trial coming. So we woke up real early and cleaned up real good because the other day before we got scolded. At the mess. And some boys even saw it. Ceh. Malang tol naseb aku mase tu. Dekat dgn staff yg tgh marah TU. So we packed our bags and went down and had a little chat with teacher Norizah. It was a bit funny. Almost as though we were plotting plans. Teacher told us to act natural. Besides nothing happened that we had to be upset about.

us packing our luggage

Then when I got back to class. It was quiet. No one spoke. And I didn't want the situation to be like that. So I spoke first. Then Qolok started saying that he was sorry and stuff. I said that it was no biggie. No wonder they asked us questions about our batch the days before. They wanted to use the infos as 'modal' for the sketsa.

lg stu gmbr kelakar

Then as the time passed, things got back to normal. And we got noisy back. Hehe. Now that's more like it. So the day ended like usual. And then we had to go for the majlis penutup at the mess. And cam bese je. After the days ended, waaa. The boys gave us roses. Well they gave the other girls roses. I didn't get any. No one wanted to gave any to me.= ='. When we  were going through the ' walk of fame' my face got so weird. and I think I even heard someone saying something something telling me to smile. There  I saw Ezham and saw that there was no rose at his hands. Which means he had given it to another person. Waa.Never mind I'll find someone like you~
lwk enn muka aku.aku tgk pun bnyk gile glk.

During the closing ceremony, I got my back. And I ate the nasi lemak. AHH. The taste of rice after 4 days, Hehe. And I helped with the arrangements of luggage in the bus so that everyone's could fit in. Ah. the girls brought so many big bags as if they were going to move. But personally, I don't have a clue how boys can bring so little things. So then I shouted "sape punya bag tak masuk lagi?" and then Syarul called me and told me to shut up. He must have forgotten that I was a girl. WAAA~.
muka aku hepi lps mkn nasi lemak.yum2

And so the eksplorasi akademik between Sekolah Tun Fatimah and Maktab Tentera Diraja ended, Conclusion. do more of these kind of programmes. Second, I don't know what I learned academically there. Third, the after effect is that the only XY friends that I have are OPs. Nak buat mcm mana. Aku tgr budak2 sekolah rendah. Diorg cam tak nak kwn ngn aku je. Haha, Tak boleh nk slhkn diorg gak. 5 tahun tak contact.

hias letak ats meja teacer kot

the girls playing with the roses


  1. finally.the long awaited story has ended ;D hmm i luv all of ur conclusions especially the second one. nothing academically cud be learned though. ni dorg taught us life experienced.muahaha thanks for the awesoooooooooome postSSSSS can't wait for more ^^

  2. hoi sera jangan letak gambar aku dgn tudung indon doeeeee...malu siakk!!!

  3. erk.tgn ak mcm antu.wakakaka.
    totally agree.i learned nothing also.haha.tried to the first day we stepped in the class.but nothing got stuck in my head.oh well the experience is precious though.