Wednesday, 25 April 2012

RMC-STF part 5


Assalamualaikum. Haha. Still the same day. But different stories. So after we finished our 'riadah' session, we had to gather at the basketball. All of us including the teachers, bonda and their commandant. There, it was weird I guess. hihi. Some students had to stand up and talk about their opinions on the other school. Some boy said that we were 'well trained'. Whatever that means. Thank goodness I wasn't selected for my answer will not suitable for all to hear. MUAHAHAHA. After wards, how we kinda had to sit in between the two groups of boys. This sounds awfully weird cause you have to be there to understand. Then the students had to cheer. Haha. Our voice sounded so slow compared to theirs. And it kind caught me by surprise I guess.

Them doing theirs..hehe.nmpk dia tak??

us trying to figure out what cheer to use

Then it was my favourite time.Yum2. We were going to feast on durians. And I mean lots of durians. I was a bit dizzy since I didn't eat the days before and durians filled my stomach then. But hey I love those yucky, gooey, yellow fruit. So I ate. A lot. Some students had a blast I guess. It was the time for them to 'interact'. I was informed that the durians came from Perak. Don't know if it was true or not. But it was nice to have a change of situation. STF is kinda strict and it was as though no fun was allowed. You have to look for your own fun.
Not only the students the teachers also got their shares

Stfians time mkn je semngt

So that night we had Interaction Night. Can you believe it?? Pak Yem and Bonda actually said yes. We didn't see that coming. So students from each school were required to prepare some performances. That night was shall we say a night to remember. Performances went on as usual The boys sang songs. Bani sang this song called Unintended. Truthfully, I didn't understand a word he sang. I didn't even know what language it was. Personally, I think lots would agree with me. I couldn't remember he song that STF did. However, it was kind of cool. The song screamed " we're not like any other girls". Me gusta~ Okay. Other than singing they did this dance. It should you say this. Something I have never witness before.

Then came the sketsa. I don't know what sketsa is in English. So the boys dressed up as little guys and did a short drama. And some pretended to be girls. Us. STFians. And the lucky girls were Nadia and Rozie. Haha. At first the sketsa was funny. I was laughing my ass off but then we just got scared of Bonda and Pak Yem and all the other teachers. We, well I was scared that they would think that we were 'gatal' and 'gedik' Haha. God we're scared of them. It is kind of funny now. So then the girls just got quiet and sat at their respective suts. The boys must have noticed that we were less enthusiastic from before. So after the performance was finished, a boy apologized. It was Qolok I think. I even went to see teacher Norizah and Pak Kamil to say that we didn't do anything wrong. To make sure that the teachers didn't think bad of us. And she laughed with this expression of saying, wow!the students are scared of the teachers.

Not all the girls were overly sensitive on the matter. But maybe the other girls got influenced by the other girls. (Y). So that night we were supposed to have  the chance to watch movies and watch them play and stuff but since the incident occurred. Nope. Pak Yem told us to go up to our rooms and switch off the lights. First time lights off on time.Tak pernah pun selama ni.:p. Then there was this announcement saying that the boys were sorry and stuff. Wow. Seemed like the boys were really sorry. I didn't think that it was that big of a trouble. Then it was really kinda sweet. The boys shouted  'Kami Mintak Maaf' a couple of times. I was sure that all the girls were really taken aback. Pretty sure that none stayed 'mad' anymore. I know I didn't . What was most important to me was that Pak Yem knows the truth. Doesn't matter if bonda knows the truth and Pk Yem didn't. He was more important.hihi.

I wanted to take a peek at the boys but the girls didn't let me. Allaaa. I'm sure that you were just as curious as I was. Anyway no one cried okay = ='. Why would anybody cried for that sort of thing?

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  1. wuhuuuuu u actually have all the suitable pictures to gambarkan the things u write.wahahaha.yup..nangis sb takut Pak Yem marah je kot n teachers salah paham.tuje kot ye pon nak nangis.hak3