Monday, 23 April 2012



I guess we can call that day as one of the most 'historical' day.Hehe. Oh yeah, The day before, I slept in the prep room. It was awesome because there was air-cond and stuff. Uwwww. Slept like a baby. Thank goodness I woke early the next day. Last night, we didn't study with usual group because we studied Biology. Teacher asked if we wanted to study PA instead, however since there were only 9 of us and loads more of them, we didn't want to. Nyesal kot-___________-Anyway, last night, I wasn't really in the mood. Possibly because Ezham wasn't there.Hehe.

So that morning we studied as usual. I love Biology you know. Luckily, my girl group mates were Farah and Ummu and Shera Roselim. The other party were Kairul, Amzar and Andrew. They were nice I guess. Maybe the were segan. Dunia dah terbalik .-. Boys are the one who feels 'segan' . Aku segan jugak kot first night tu. Tp, second third tu, tak tau mane pergi segan aku.Kihkihkih. But seriously, I can't forget the time when Frah told Amzar off. Hehe. I was just as shocked as he was. Farah was so garang. At the hall, we had a talk by Biology teacher and she was an STFian. It was all a coincidence. But she was kind of annoying. Sorry.

That evening, our class got the abseiling thing. I was excited. When will the chance to do that pop up again? So we wore the blue form shirt. I like that shirt. It said 'we don't give a damn'. I know. It doesn't sound girlish at all. Hehe. Teacher already told us not to act gedik and stuff. A couple of times too. There, we were accompanied by pak yem and pak kamil. To make sure that nothing goes wrong. I had a blast. Pak Yem was kinda funny. Though he mad fun of me all the time. But for him not to do so would be out of character. We also met kak Nani. She studies in UPNM. haha.

 tu aku lah tu..haha.     tu pulak rkn2 aku.

 :p     err ni diorg

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  1. ceppatlaa sambung pasal MALAM INTERAKSI and chemistry class n nasi lemak n durian fiestaaa n stufff..teknik penceritaan yg menarik. Pak yem mesti gelak if baca.huk3 GL ni best laahhh..