Monday, 23 April 2012

RMC-STF part 3


Okay.So the second day, I woke up early like 4 in the morning because I was scared that there would be no water. I ironed my uniform and and tried to read some Physics but of course I fell asleep. I was also kind of worried because the SBP Trial was just a week away. But the room was too cozy and definitely perfect for sleeping...weeee~. When it was about time for breakfast, I went to the mess as they would call it and unfortunately I couldn't eat the food. It's just that I have this problem of eating food at foreign places. So I ended up not eating for 4 whole days. I lost like 2 kg. Haha. I should stay there longer. Maybe I'll get to lose more weight:p

 We studied a lot more and it was Physics and it seemed as though Qolok was looking for a fight. I was so mad at him. Hahaha. But I usually studied with Ezham since he was sitting beside me. And it was Faiqah's birthday. Oh yeah. during the assembly (yes we had to assemble also), they sang the school song and it was so weird and very loud. Hahaha. Haven't heard the XY sang a school song in a long time. 5 years kot. It felt kind of scary.Mostly we just studied all day long and it was kind of fun studying. HAHA. I sound like a nerd. But really, I do love studying just not all the time. When the boys were busy solat jumaat and stuff, we were sleeping. Dah la boleh jamak qasar. Best betul.

In the evening, we had this thing called riadah. Haha. KAT stf dh berbulan tk exercise ade hati nak               ber-exercise kat sekolah orang. Anyway, our class got volleyball/basketball. Gile ape nak main ngn budak lelaki..Mampos ah kitorang But as luck would've had it, there were 3 spots empty for rempuh halangan. And so, Syaza, Tia and me filled the spots. And so off we went. It was kind of hard to warm up and stuff. With the presence of XY and stuff.

I was first on the monkey bar and I fell. God. It was embarrasing and the girls (and boys) laughed. None of the girls came to help me. They laughed. A lot. Then a boy offered his hand at me. I swatted it away. Was he serious?? I hoped I didn't seem to rude. But thanks.

It was fun. But as always I made a fool of myself. Let the picture speak for itself.
Yes...that's me
  yes that's me again.haha.letak gmbr merepk skit. kasi korg gelak

haha. That night we had to recite the yassin at the mufaz..opps silap musollah. Hahah. I didn't. Cause I slept throughout the yassin. Maybe I was just soo tired. After all, I didn't exercise for quite some time. But I wasn't the only one since a lot of the other girls slept also. Thank goodness the curtain wasn't pulled cause then I wouldn't have the chance to sleep. HAHA.And I didn't realize that one of their maam was there. Otherwise, I would have tried to act girly and stuff. Neway, the musallah was great for sleeping cause it was air conditioned. Unlike our Mufaz, sooo hot. But still nice.


  1. i'll be commenting all ur posts amirul.haha..SILENT READER xberapa nak silent.muahaha..duhh xtolong ke? i went cycling tp xcukup basikal.gahaha so kena jd KULI ANGKAT BASIKAL SIMPAN DLM TRAK or whatever.pftttttttttttt