Monday, 23 April 2012

RMC-STF part 2


It was a Thursday so I fasted that day. I broke my fast with chocolate bread. ekkk. Bad choice. My stomach got all funny and I wanted to throw up. Yeah. Nice move. Just arrived and I wanted to throw up. Turned out, that we arrived soo late from the schedule. Sorry. Gome. So, when my bus arrived the other girls ( and boys) had already finish their dinner. And I wanted to go to the toilet. I f it's not obvious yet, it's not exactly easy finding a girl toilet in an all boys school. Now I understood boys feelings when they're in my school. So, I had no other choice I had to go the toilet at the mess. That was the nearest girl toilet. It was sooooo embarrassing. Some boys were also breaking their fast. And I had to walk in front of them, and my shoes were so very noisy. And so I didn't puke after all cause I didn't eat anything so there was nothing to throw. All that embarrassment was for nothing.

That evening, we were very noisy because surprise, surprise there was no water-.-. We had to improvise and found other means. We were rushing and shoutin ''wei toilet kau ade air tak,,aku nyer takde ah wei'. And the shoutings continued until all of us were squeaky clean. I don't know if the boys heard us or not. Oh well. The programme that night started at 8 and we were grouped into several groups. My groupmates were me, Syera Raghni, Berry, EZHAM, Qolok, Aiman Hesan, Syarul Nizam and Bani. I was the only girl that had arrived and of course I was a bit embarrassed and so I waited at the other table with the other girls until my girl schoolmate arrived. 

That night was a bit 'tegang'. maybe the boys were mad at us because we were late. That wasn't our fault you know. The bus drivers were the ones who who made the mistakes. So that night we mostly exchanged stories and got to know each other. Ezham wanted to use saya awak with me.= ='. I never use saya awak especially with a boy. So I told him to use aku kau, otherwise it would be too awkward. We studied Chemistry. It was fun. We tried to study beforehand but time was a problem. And I went back to my room and slept early bacause I was very tired. Others had their own stories. They chatted and stayed up I think. Mine?? Never mind. I'll just keep them safe inside my memory. And there was an announcement telling us to switch off the light and we didn't listen of course.................

ni lah groupmate aku

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