Monday, 23 April 2012

RMC-STF part 1

Assalamualaikum~ Hahaha...Ni topik dh lameeeee gile kot..nak dkt bape bulan lps mase tu aku tkde blog aku tkleh nak aku dh ade blog ni...aku nak citer though dh lame berlalu......prttt...suka ati eden blog eden

the story started like any other story...the moon was gone and the sun went up..and another day began....maybe not exactly the same....this story started from subuh...some students didn't even sleep. They stayed up and watched movies. I planned to do the same unfortunately, im an early sleeper so I slept early like always. When I woke up, I went to the iron room and watched Princess and the Frog. Awesome movie. Nice songs. Love the bad guy.

Anyway, after all of the my classmates were ready, we waited outside. We were supposed to departed early because we had to go to the Nuclear Center in Bangi and afterwards, SBPI Gombak. As usual, a class of girls waiting and feeling bored, We chatted non stop and got scolded by Ustazah Kamariah because we were sooo noisy. Sorry Ustazah..Hehehe. When we finally departed, it was already late and my class were lucky because we got teacher Norizah as our teacher. Yeay.

So, on the bus I sat beside Farah Eliena Mohd Asri, and we watched movies. They were Sekali Lagi and Nur Kasih. They were your typical romance movies but when I watched the latter movie, I cried kot. Farah cried also. Sheesh. Abis rosak image tuff gue. When we got to Nuclear Centre,  we tried asking as many questions as possible to make sure that the trip wasn't a waste of money and that we actually learnt something. And then we arrived at SBPI Gombak at about 3 something. We learnt Physics and I don't even remember my partner's name. Pretty sure that she was a girl though. Hmmph.

Then we continued our journey to.....wait for it...RMC also known as Royal Millitary College. Tadaaa!!Never would it have crossed my mind in a thousand years that we were going to that school. Actually the programme started in 2010, but RMC boys were the one who went to STF. And last year, we ( GL 0711) went to RMC. The whole batch. Abislah sekolah korg wei. Budak STF dah ah kuat mkn. We were sooo tired because of the long journey We were practically in the bus since 5.00 am until 7.00 pm. Blurghhh. That was more than 12 hours.

When we were in KL, as usual, we were stuck in the traffic and we watched KL Gangster. The movie was okay I guess. The guys had hot bodies. But they are definitely not my taste. Urghhh. Tu Syu punya taste lah kot. We were getting sleepy and then Hanis saw some Navy guys from the van beside us, and we totally checked them out. What else to do. But turned out that Hanis saw something that turned us off. Blurghhh.

Suddenly we saw Terminal Bersepadu Selatan and the KL girls were soo excited because that was where we took our bus. I was also very excited because it was very close to our home and the bus passed the SG Besi lrt station, I was kind of hoping that mom was there:p. Then, when we got to RMC, the girls were shocked I guess. Because we didn't expect the school to be situated in camp that big. Hell. We didn't know what to expect. When Pak Yem first told us that we were going there, we kind of appalled. Well. You can't blame us.
ni lah PAK YEMM aka  cikgu abdul rahim
This is just the I really going to talk about the whole stuff ??= ='


  1. AMIRULLLLLLLLLLL ada gambar kte lah.**bajet cute ** huaaaaa so touched mehhh. ^^ NUR KASIH. watching the movie with all the 5S was awesoooooooooooooooooooooome. i miss the whole thing. not missing RMC practically but the memories created there..muahaha can't wait to continue reading about iron room, kami minta maaf n stufffff.kekeke

  2. hi amirul, nice blog girl :) Che' nor here hehehe kakak promotes ur blog to me almost every day huhu