Wednesday, 18 April 2012



yeay...I am totally loving her soo much..she has a great voice and an awesome personality. Maybe that's why I love her so much because of her personality. Some people may say that I don't even know her personally so how can I be sure that she has a great personality. Well it's true that I don't know her a s a close friend but from what she portrays online and from her shows and from her interviews I guess I can say that she does have a nice personality. And though she might not be exactly the same with how she is in the public eye, she can't fall that far away from her real personality. So, YES. I will stick with my statement of saying that she has a great personality.

And I like Yuna because firstly she's a girl and she keeps her modest look despite her being an artist. Well she might have made some mistakes but she is still young and I'm sure very eager to learn. Well if you have so much of a free time why don't you bang those other sexy malay artist than saying bad things about my lovely Yuna. muah muah.XOXO.

And she writes the most melodious songs ever. That's right ladies and gentlemen, she writes her own songs. And awesome songs to top it of. Te songs have a great melody and with the besttest, unique way of presenting itself and what I love the most meaningful lyrics. I like songs mainly because of their lyrics. I f I think that the lyrics are honest and true, than I think that the songs are awesome. Even the covers that she makes is great. Example, COME AS YOU ARE-NIRVANA and GELORA JIWA-P RAMLEE. She sings the song with her own style without offending the original singer's fans.

And I have to thank mister MOHAMAD KHAIRUL HAZWAN because he was the first person to get me to listen to Yuna's song. And the song was Random Awesome. And the song was certainly great and nice o listen to. HAHAHA. A round of applause for him..clapclapclap.

Nilah dia ..hahah...sorilah letak gmbr kau kalau tk suka cakap..aku letak gmbr yg lain pulak...MUAHAHAH. Anyway, there's no better promoter than the fans themselves. I f you don't believe me... Fine I'll guess you'll have to listen to the lady singing the songs.

Ok ,so I guess that's about it. If you wanna listen to more of her songs, there's this little something called YOUTUBE...not redtube okay

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