Sunday, 15 April 2012


Assalamualaikum warah matullahhiwabarakatuh~ Last Saturday was a very important day for Laila because she had her hafazan competition for zone level.....and she got 2nd place..good job Laila...I knew it.You're as awesome as you big sister(: and so, she will move on to district level in another 3 weeks...woot2

Laila and her grandmama
 And so, the whole thing got me thinking, what happened to me?? When I was 6 years old, I also remembered all the easy surah and everyday doa. Then as I grew older, I didn't use them in everyday lives and eventually, I was forgetting them one by one. heesh. It's kind of embarrassing you know to help your sister hafaz the surah when you yourself don't know it by heart. The main point is that I want to remember all the surah back and practise all the doa again so that my life can be awesome you know. The awesome life where He is always in your heart. The awesome life where you don't feel guilty cause you don't remember Him.

Last week, my sister got back from her hostel and she gives the best guy advices.haha. I love listening to them cause they are actually useful. Though my sister is younger than me, she knows more about this kind of stuff moreee than I do. I love her sooo very much. And truly when I get to further my studies, I will miss my little sisters and parents. Hhaha..Feel like crying right now.

haha.this is my little sister..pray for her spm

Pray for her SPM tau..Sian tgk dia..stress jee. hihi. Bosan gile doh duduk umah ni sorg2.patut ah org kawen je ...rupanya org kawen selama ni sbb bosan je.haha. aku nk kot. ramai org buat aku tgk. Hns, weh kalau aku ambik doktor, bile aku nk kawen nnt...jd andartu lah aku...ngeh2. P/S-gud luck kat Farah, Syu, Tia ngn your petronas thing. hahaa.

ni lah muka aku yg gtl nk kaweh tuu :p
mak ai. Got side tracked real far from my real point. Go and hafaz your surah and doa. Super important. kay??


  1. yeah mirul.aku pun tgh nk pickup balik surah2 yg dah lupa tu..aku buat camni,everytime solat baca 2 surah start from an-Nas smpai yg mana aku pnah hafal.kalo dh abis,ulang balik.oh ayat hafazan juge:)

  2. bagusnya.kita duk asyik kata bosan duk umah padahal kita yg xreti guna masa ni utk catch up balik dgn benda2 yg kita xmungkin sempat buat ble dah masuk u nanti.huk3

    pstt THANKS MIRUL :D