Sunday, 8 April 2012

Feminisme summore???

Assalamualaikum~ Ahhh. It's been so long since I've updated my blog. It certainly feels that way. By the way, really sorry about the body tag thing, urghh I did something stupid and now I don;t know how to undo it = ='
So, haritu while I was lepak-ing and minding my own awesome business at home, suddenly the tv was showing news about reasons why girl ran away from home. So, the topic got me glued to the tv. After all, I have to watch out for my ladies.As I watched the programme, everyone was blamed. Parents, girls, neighbours.

Everyone except the boys. 

Emmmm.... I don't know if you noticed it or not but the opposite species, the ones with XY chromosomes, the unknown the 'male' do exist. And there are to be blamed just as the girls were. Maybe the girls did the running, and yes the girls are one who are entitled to make the final decisions but the boys were the one who gave the sweet promises, they were the one who lied and 'kidnapped' these girls out of their safe homes, their sanctuary.

I do not deny that the girls must communicate more with the parents but it is ALWAYS the GIRLS who got blamed first. The same goes to zina problems. Takyah cakap terlanjur. Dah zina tu zina je. So, then it's always as if the girls are the only ones who got blamed for the problems. HELLO! You boys are sinful too. Even though the girls are the ones who have to suffer the consequences, boys need to be responsible too. The girls had to bear the child for 9 months and the boys are always missing in action. What the heck???! Every time I brought this issues up, I would always listen to stuff like, yang kau pegi kasi tu kenapa??? Hello. Mister. Yang kau pergi ambik tu KENAPA!!! Kau pun same bangang gak. Sorry2. Got a little carried away just now.

Anyway, the men are more shameful. Some men okay. The ones who are actually involved in this matter. The ones who are a gentleman you can rest assured that we ladies definitely do not have any problem with you(: So just wanted t say that don't always blame the girls. Us from feminist land hate it. A lot. Remember Allah always and InsyaAllah things will turn out swell.

Girls are not that complicated you know. We're not add maths problem for you to solve. We're not the Da Vinci code for you to decipher. We're simply this awesome creatures with awesome traits and awesome stuff that only SOME awesome people can handle. That means if you don't understand girls, you're just not awesome enough to hang with us and definitely can't handle our awesomeness. Did I say the word awesome?? I hope I did...............


  1. memang OSEM !!
    hehe.totally agreed with the "Yang kau pergi ambik tu KENAPA!!! Kau pun same bangang gak." statement.

  2. somehow you made my statement sound soo civilised

  3. awesoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome thousands LIKE with the word and ur post. and BANGANG tu sounds best jugak :D