Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Assalamualaikum. Hey I know that everyone's been real busy with their scholarships and interviews and offers. And those who are not busy are scared thinking about what may come. Will the future be bright for me??? Will the future offer me choices and new chances that no other people can get??

These may be the questions that are playing in your minds...however the questions remain a mystery and has left us unattended....damn you questions...but you see, Allah has made plans for us and you have to believe in HIM. We survived 11 years of schooling so why not another 5 years??

When you feel as though there is no more hope for you, grab your phone and call your friend. Cause sometimes they know you more than you do.And hopefully they're gonna help you get through that little moment of uncertainty.

And if your friends can't help you, Allah is always there. So, a-level, matriculation, stpm, asasi....these programmes could be to what you're going to attend to. All in all, believe in yourself and give it your best shot. Don't get too excited when you get to your pre-u stuff.....owh I have new friends..owh are those boys..god they really are...yeay...finally no more wardens to tell me what to do...haha....remember if you don't perform well, you're not gonna have a good job and then no more money and how are you gonna get those awesome COACH bag if you don't have the money for it.

Shopping is one the best motivations that I can give to myself...when I'm out window shopping and i see the gorgeous outfits and then remembered that i have no money to buy them, I just say to myself, Mirul if you wanna buy those cool stuff, study real hard..hahha...i guess that's one way of motivation.

I wanna be a doctor you know. Actually, it has never been my cita-cita. But I hae always been in love with Biology. I loved watching documentaries and reading books about animals and as I grew older, my interest in Biology grew along with me. And when I graduated high school, I did researches online and thought to myself about the quality of health care in Malaysia and how great it would be if I can be a part of upgrading it. And so, I decided to be a doctor. And Doctor Nur sounds thoroughly interesting or should it be Doctor Amirul or Doctor Syahirah. Hehe. I don't know. Just hoping that all our dreams would come true. InsyAllah!


COME ON! Semangat sikit...jgn sedih2..ambik nafas,,,hembus...pergi minum air...beli buku nota..buat to-do list....borak2..doa2...solat2...nnt mesti okay punya(:


  1. awwwwwwwwwwww AMIRUL :) i just missed the time when im stucked sb stress atas benda2 xpatot mcm NAK EXAMMM SEJARAH XABIS BC LAGII.and u'll giv me some motivation just like what u wrote here..stret to the point, just nak cakap. I MISS TALKING TO YOU AMIRUL :'(

  2. awww...alahaiii Farah..I miss talking to you tooo

  3. we just soo wajib to jumpa this may. by HOOK or by CROOK ^^

  4. OYE ! so kalo ak call bile2 jgn tak layan tau. XD