Friday, 27 April 2012

reunion day

Assalamualaikum~ Hehe. Today was should I say Reunion Day. Firstly, I met my neighbour/ wak. He was my ex-NGAJI. hehe. Then I met teacher Fauziah. She used to teach me English when I was in standard 6. She was my favourite teacher. I even jumped a bit at the sight of her. Then as we were chatting away, I met Muhammad Zulkifli Roslan. He was my first crush. I don't know. Maybe I liked then because everyone had crushes and I wanted to have one too. So, he was soo tall and so white. Just like he was when he was in standard 6. It was in 2006. hehe. At first I wasn't sure whether he was really Zul but then I saw his scar at the mouth so then I was very sure that it was him. The look of shock was really obvious on my face. I think he recognized me but both the girl and the boy was shy so nobody said anything. Dahlah mase tgh breakfast tu lagu Dadali-Di Saat Ku Mencintaimu. HEHE. Feeling abis sambil walking down the memory lane.

When he was going back already, he raised his eyebrows at me as if saying 'hey, do you recognize me?". Then I smiled back at him and raised my eyebrows back as if saying "yeah i do recognize you" DAAA. How could I not? Then I raised a hand at him and he did the same. Ha. All in all, it was great to meet him. And my teacher.She was really2 nice and still recognized me. I'm touched.

Then, at the carrefour BTHO, I met Syhami's parents. Syahmi was my schoolmate. HEHE. So his parents remebered me and we just talek about nothing really. As I was walking along, minding my own business I saw an RMC boy. HAHA. I immediately recognized him from his hair. Well he was kinda bald. And he was wearing the black and white prep order. The shirt said Royal Millitary College at the back. Then at the sayru2 part, we saw sengkuang. By we, I mean my mom and I. It said  RM4 per kilogramme. HAHA. Murahnya weii.

Disebabkan harini ade BERSIH, aku tk dpt pergi KL. Takpelah pergi carrefour pun suke gak. Ade bnyk benda yg aku nmpk kat carrefour tu.

dosa melambung2

Assalamualaikum~ Emmm kalau korang pernah rase cam korang buat salah cam gile2 salah punya salah yg macam rase berdosa, maksudnya korang mmg pernah buat salah ah tu. sebab rasenya org yg paling kenal diri korang tu korang sendiri korang kot. kot lah entah la. Emmm. Aku teringin nak baca blog Syhamiel. cis Privatekan plak. Hmm, kalau rase cam buat dosa, ingta kat Allah sbb nan ti Allah kn Maha Pengampun. Yang penting jgn buat lagi. Urghh. Rasenya kawan mmg agak penting kot dlm hal2 mcm ni. Ingt tak dulu belajar agama kat sekolah ade tajuk taubat. Kita ade belajar syarat2 taubat? yg aku ingt lagi:
  • jangan ulang lagi dosa2 tu
  • taubat betul2 
  • nyesal gile2
  • baca istighfar bnyk2
  • buat solat taubat
  • ingt kat Allah The Almighty
Rasenya tu je yg aku ingt. Ingat Mirul oi. Kau tu bnyk buat dosa. Pandai2 ah. Jgan buat ag. And sambung gi exercise tu. Kaukena hilang dlm bape kilo ag ntah. Wekkk:p

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

RMC-STF part 6


Aah. Finally the day came. The day we had to go back to our school. I have to say I was quite sad cause then we would have to go back to out normal boring lives. Doing the same routines and there was that sbp trial coming. So we woke up real early and cleaned up real good because the other day before we got scolded. At the mess. And some boys even saw it. Ceh. Malang tol naseb aku mase tu. Dekat dgn staff yg tgh marah TU. So we packed our bags and went down and had a little chat with teacher Norizah. It was a bit funny. Almost as though we were plotting plans. Teacher told us to act natural. Besides nothing happened that we had to be upset about.

us packing our luggage

Then when I got back to class. It was quiet. No one spoke. And I didn't want the situation to be like that. So I spoke first. Then Qolok started saying that he was sorry and stuff. I said that it was no biggie. No wonder they asked us questions about our batch the days before. They wanted to use the infos as 'modal' for the sketsa.

lg stu gmbr kelakar

Then as the time passed, things got back to normal. And we got noisy back. Hehe. Now that's more like it. So the day ended like usual. And then we had to go for the majlis penutup at the mess. And cam bese je. After the days ended, waaa. The boys gave us roses. Well they gave the other girls roses. I didn't get any. No one wanted to gave any to me.= ='. When we  were going through the ' walk of fame' my face got so weird. and I think I even heard someone saying something something telling me to smile. There  I saw Ezham and saw that there was no rose at his hands. Which means he had given it to another person. Waa.Never mind I'll find someone like you~
lwk enn muka aku.aku tgk pun bnyk gile glk.

During the closing ceremony, I got my back. And I ate the nasi lemak. AHH. The taste of rice after 4 days, Hehe. And I helped with the arrangements of luggage in the bus so that everyone's could fit in. Ah. the girls brought so many big bags as if they were going to move. But personally, I don't have a clue how boys can bring so little things. So then I shouted "sape punya bag tak masuk lagi?" and then Syarul called me and told me to shut up. He must have forgotten that I was a girl. WAAA~.
muka aku hepi lps mkn nasi lemak.yum2

And so the eksplorasi akademik between Sekolah Tun Fatimah and Maktab Tentera Diraja ended, Conclusion. do more of these kind of programmes. Second, I don't know what I learned academically there. Third, the after effect is that the only XY friends that I have are OPs. Nak buat mcm mana. Aku tgr budak2 sekolah rendah. Diorg cam tak nak kwn ngn aku je. Haha, Tak boleh nk slhkn diorg gak. 5 tahun tak contact.

hias letak ats meja teacer kot

the girls playing with the roses

RMC-STF part 5


Assalamualaikum. Haha. Still the same day. But different stories. So after we finished our 'riadah' session, we had to gather at the basketball. All of us including the teachers, bonda and their commandant. There, it was weird I guess. hihi. Some students had to stand up and talk about their opinions on the other school. Some boy said that we were 'well trained'. Whatever that means. Thank goodness I wasn't selected for my answer will not suitable for all to hear. MUAHAHAHA. After wards, how we kinda had to sit in between the two groups of boys. This sounds awfully weird cause you have to be there to understand. Then the students had to cheer. Haha. Our voice sounded so slow compared to theirs. And it kind caught me by surprise I guess.

Them doing theirs..hehe.nmpk dia tak??

us trying to figure out what cheer to use

Then it was my favourite time.Yum2. We were going to feast on durians. And I mean lots of durians. I was a bit dizzy since I didn't eat the days before and durians filled my stomach then. But hey I love those yucky, gooey, yellow fruit. So I ate. A lot. Some students had a blast I guess. It was the time for them to 'interact'. I was informed that the durians came from Perak. Don't know if it was true or not. But it was nice to have a change of situation. STF is kinda strict and it was as though no fun was allowed. You have to look for your own fun.
Not only the students the teachers also got their shares

Stfians time mkn je semngt

So that night we had Interaction Night. Can you believe it?? Pak Yem and Bonda actually said yes. We didn't see that coming. So students from each school were required to prepare some performances. That night was shall we say a night to remember. Performances went on as usual The boys sang songs. Bani sang this song called Unintended. Truthfully, I didn't understand a word he sang. I didn't even know what language it was. Personally, I think lots would agree with me. I couldn't remember he song that STF did. However, it was kind of cool. The song screamed " we're not like any other girls". Me gusta~ Okay. Other than singing they did this dance. It should you say this. Something I have never witness before.

Then came the sketsa. I don't know what sketsa is in English. So the boys dressed up as little guys and did a short drama. And some pretended to be girls. Us. STFians. And the lucky girls were Nadia and Rozie. Haha. At first the sketsa was funny. I was laughing my ass off but then we just got scared of Bonda and Pak Yem and all the other teachers. We, well I was scared that they would think that we were 'gatal' and 'gedik' Haha. God we're scared of them. It is kind of funny now. So then the girls just got quiet and sat at their respective suts. The boys must have noticed that we were less enthusiastic from before. So after the performance was finished, a boy apologized. It was Qolok I think. I even went to see teacher Norizah and Pak Kamil to say that we didn't do anything wrong. To make sure that the teachers didn't think bad of us. And she laughed with this expression of saying, wow!the students are scared of the teachers.

Not all the girls were overly sensitive on the matter. But maybe the other girls got influenced by the other girls. (Y). So that night we were supposed to have  the chance to watch movies and watch them play and stuff but since the incident occurred. Nope. Pak Yem told us to go up to our rooms and switch off the lights. First time lights off on time.Tak pernah pun selama ni.:p. Then there was this announcement saying that the boys were sorry and stuff. Wow. Seemed like the boys were really sorry. I didn't think that it was that big of a trouble. Then it was really kinda sweet. The boys shouted  'Kami Mintak Maaf' a couple of times. I was sure that all the girls were really taken aback. Pretty sure that none stayed 'mad' anymore. I know I didn't . What was most important to me was that Pak Yem knows the truth. Doesn't matter if bonda knows the truth and Pk Yem didn't. He was more important.hihi.

I wanted to take a peek at the boys but the girls didn't let me. Allaaa. I'm sure that you were just as curious as I was. Anyway no one cried okay = ='. Why would anybody cried for that sort of thing?

Monday, 23 April 2012



I guess we can call that day as one of the most 'historical' day.Hehe. Oh yeah, The day before, I slept in the prep room. It was awesome because there was air-cond and stuff. Uwwww. Slept like a baby. Thank goodness I woke early the next day. Last night, we didn't study with usual group because we studied Biology. Teacher asked if we wanted to study PA instead, however since there were only 9 of us and loads more of them, we didn't want to. Nyesal kot-___________-Anyway, last night, I wasn't really in the mood. Possibly because Ezham wasn't there.Hehe.

So that morning we studied as usual. I love Biology you know. Luckily, my girl group mates were Farah and Ummu and Shera Roselim. The other party were Kairul, Amzar and Andrew. They were nice I guess. Maybe the were segan. Dunia dah terbalik .-. Boys are the one who feels 'segan' . Aku segan jugak kot first night tu. Tp, second third tu, tak tau mane pergi segan aku.Kihkihkih. But seriously, I can't forget the time when Frah told Amzar off. Hehe. I was just as shocked as he was. Farah was so garang. At the hall, we had a talk by Biology teacher and she was an STFian. It was all a coincidence. But she was kind of annoying. Sorry.

That evening, our class got the abseiling thing. I was excited. When will the chance to do that pop up again? So we wore the blue form shirt. I like that shirt. It said 'we don't give a damn'. I know. It doesn't sound girlish at all. Hehe. Teacher already told us not to act gedik and stuff. A couple of times too. There, we were accompanied by pak yem and pak kamil. To make sure that nothing goes wrong. I had a blast. Pak Yem was kinda funny. Though he mad fun of me all the time. But for him not to do so would be out of character. We also met kak Nani. She studies in UPNM. haha.

 tu aku lah tu..haha.     tu pulak rkn2 aku.

 :p     err ni diorg

RMC-STF part 3


Okay.So the second day, I woke up early like 4 in the morning because I was scared that there would be no water. I ironed my uniform and and tried to read some Physics but of course I fell asleep. I was also kind of worried because the SBP Trial was just a week away. But the room was too cozy and definitely perfect for sleeping...weeee~. When it was about time for breakfast, I went to the mess as they would call it and unfortunately I couldn't eat the food. It's just that I have this problem of eating food at foreign places. So I ended up not eating for 4 whole days. I lost like 2 kg. Haha. I should stay there longer. Maybe I'll get to lose more weight:p

 We studied a lot more and it was Physics and it seemed as though Qolok was looking for a fight. I was so mad at him. Hahaha. But I usually studied with Ezham since he was sitting beside me. And it was Faiqah's birthday. Oh yeah. during the assembly (yes we had to assemble also), they sang the school song and it was so weird and very loud. Hahaha. Haven't heard the XY sang a school song in a long time. 5 years kot. It felt kind of scary.Mostly we just studied all day long and it was kind of fun studying. HAHA. I sound like a nerd. But really, I do love studying just not all the time. When the boys were busy solat jumaat and stuff, we were sleeping. Dah la boleh jamak qasar. Best betul.

In the evening, we had this thing called riadah. Haha. KAT stf dh berbulan tk exercise ade hati nak               ber-exercise kat sekolah orang. Anyway, our class got volleyball/basketball. Gile ape nak main ngn budak lelaki..Mampos ah kitorang But as luck would've had it, there were 3 spots empty for rempuh halangan. And so, Syaza, Tia and me filled the spots. And so off we went. It was kind of hard to warm up and stuff. With the presence of XY and stuff.

I was first on the monkey bar and I fell. God. It was embarrasing and the girls (and boys) laughed. None of the girls came to help me. They laughed. A lot. Then a boy offered his hand at me. I swatted it away. Was he serious?? I hoped I didn't seem to rude. But thanks.

It was fun. But as always I made a fool of myself. Let the picture speak for itself.
Yes...that's me
  yes that's me again.haha.letak gmbr merepk skit. kasi korg gelak

haha. That night we had to recite the yassin at the mufaz..opps silap musollah. Hahah. I didn't. Cause I slept throughout the yassin. Maybe I was just soo tired. After all, I didn't exercise for quite some time. But I wasn't the only one since a lot of the other girls slept also. Thank goodness the curtain wasn't pulled cause then I wouldn't have the chance to sleep. HAHA.And I didn't realize that one of their maam was there. Otherwise, I would have tried to act girly and stuff. Neway, the musallah was great for sleeping cause it was air conditioned. Unlike our Mufaz, sooo hot. But still nice.

RMC-STF part 2


It was a Thursday so I fasted that day. I broke my fast with chocolate bread. ekkk. Bad choice. My stomach got all funny and I wanted to throw up. Yeah. Nice move. Just arrived and I wanted to throw up. Turned out, that we arrived soo late from the schedule. Sorry. Gome. So, when my bus arrived the other girls ( and boys) had already finish their dinner. And I wanted to go to the toilet. I f it's not obvious yet, it's not exactly easy finding a girl toilet in an all boys school. Now I understood boys feelings when they're in my school. So, I had no other choice I had to go the toilet at the mess. That was the nearest girl toilet. It was sooooo embarrassing. Some boys were also breaking their fast. And I had to walk in front of them, and my shoes were so very noisy. And so I didn't puke after all cause I didn't eat anything so there was nothing to throw. All that embarrassment was for nothing.

That evening, we were very noisy because surprise, surprise there was no water-.-. We had to improvise and found other means. We were rushing and shoutin ''wei toilet kau ade air tak,,aku nyer takde ah wei'. And the shoutings continued until all of us were squeaky clean. I don't know if the boys heard us or not. Oh well. The programme that night started at 8 and we were grouped into several groups. My groupmates were me, Syera Raghni, Berry, EZHAM, Qolok, Aiman Hesan, Syarul Nizam and Bani. I was the only girl that had arrived and of course I was a bit embarrassed and so I waited at the other table with the other girls until my girl schoolmate arrived. 

That night was a bit 'tegang'. maybe the boys were mad at us because we were late. That wasn't our fault you know. The bus drivers were the ones who who made the mistakes. So that night we mostly exchanged stories and got to know each other. Ezham wanted to use saya awak with me.= ='. I never use saya awak especially with a boy. So I told him to use aku kau, otherwise it would be too awkward. We studied Chemistry. It was fun. We tried to study beforehand but time was a problem. And I went back to my room and slept early bacause I was very tired. Others had their own stories. They chatted and stayed up I think. Mine?? Never mind. I'll just keep them safe inside my memory. And there was an announcement telling us to switch off the light and we didn't listen of course.................

ni lah groupmate aku

RMC-STF part 1

Assalamualaikum~ Hahaha...Ni topik dh lameeeee gile kot..nak dkt bape bulan lps mase tu aku tkde blog aku tkleh nak aku dh ade blog ni...aku nak citer though dh lame berlalu......prttt...suka ati eden blog eden

the story started like any other story...the moon was gone and the sun went up..and another day began....maybe not exactly the same....this story started from subuh...some students didn't even sleep. They stayed up and watched movies. I planned to do the same unfortunately, im an early sleeper so I slept early like always. When I woke up, I went to the iron room and watched Princess and the Frog. Awesome movie. Nice songs. Love the bad guy.

Anyway, after all of the my classmates were ready, we waited outside. We were supposed to departed early because we had to go to the Nuclear Center in Bangi and afterwards, SBPI Gombak. As usual, a class of girls waiting and feeling bored, We chatted non stop and got scolded by Ustazah Kamariah because we were sooo noisy. Sorry Ustazah..Hehehe. When we finally departed, it was already late and my class were lucky because we got teacher Norizah as our teacher. Yeay.

So, on the bus I sat beside Farah Eliena Mohd Asri, and we watched movies. They were Sekali Lagi and Nur Kasih. They were your typical romance movies but when I watched the latter movie, I cried kot. Farah cried also. Sheesh. Abis rosak image tuff gue. When we got to Nuclear Centre,  we tried asking as many questions as possible to make sure that the trip wasn't a waste of money and that we actually learnt something. And then we arrived at SBPI Gombak at about 3 something. We learnt Physics and I don't even remember my partner's name. Pretty sure that she was a girl though. Hmmph.

Then we continued our journey to.....wait for it...RMC also known as Royal Millitary College. Tadaaa!!Never would it have crossed my mind in a thousand years that we were going to that school. Actually the programme started in 2010, but RMC boys were the one who went to STF. And last year, we ( GL 0711) went to RMC. The whole batch. Abislah sekolah korg wei. Budak STF dah ah kuat mkn. We were sooo tired because of the long journey We were practically in the bus since 5.00 am until 7.00 pm. Blurghhh. That was more than 12 hours.

When we were in KL, as usual, we were stuck in the traffic and we watched KL Gangster. The movie was okay I guess. The guys had hot bodies. But they are definitely not my taste. Urghhh. Tu Syu punya taste lah kot. We were getting sleepy and then Hanis saw some Navy guys from the van beside us, and we totally checked them out. What else to do. But turned out that Hanis saw something that turned us off. Blurghhh.

Suddenly we saw Terminal Bersepadu Selatan and the KL girls were soo excited because that was where we took our bus. I was also very excited because it was very close to our home and the bus passed the SG Besi lrt station, I was kind of hoping that mom was there:p. Then, when we got to RMC, the girls were shocked I guess. Because we didn't expect the school to be situated in camp that big. Hell. We didn't know what to expect. When Pak Yem first told us that we were going there, we kind of appalled. Well. You can't blame us.
ni lah PAK YEMM aka  cikgu abdul rahim
This is just the I really going to talk about the whole stuff ??= ='

Wednesday, 18 April 2012



yeay...I am totally loving her soo much..she has a great voice and an awesome personality. Maybe that's why I love her so much because of her personality. Some people may say that I don't even know her personally so how can I be sure that she has a great personality. Well it's true that I don't know her a s a close friend but from what she portrays online and from her shows and from her interviews I guess I can say that she does have a nice personality. And though she might not be exactly the same with how she is in the public eye, she can't fall that far away from her real personality. So, YES. I will stick with my statement of saying that she has a great personality.

And I like Yuna because firstly she's a girl and she keeps her modest look despite her being an artist. Well she might have made some mistakes but she is still young and I'm sure very eager to learn. Well if you have so much of a free time why don't you bang those other sexy malay artist than saying bad things about my lovely Yuna. muah muah.XOXO.

And she writes the most melodious songs ever. That's right ladies and gentlemen, she writes her own songs. And awesome songs to top it of. Te songs have a great melody and with the besttest, unique way of presenting itself and what I love the most meaningful lyrics. I like songs mainly because of their lyrics. I f I think that the lyrics are honest and true, than I think that the songs are awesome. Even the covers that she makes is great. Example, COME AS YOU ARE-NIRVANA and GELORA JIWA-P RAMLEE. She sings the song with her own style without offending the original singer's fans.

And I have to thank mister MOHAMAD KHAIRUL HAZWAN because he was the first person to get me to listen to Yuna's song. And the song was Random Awesome. And the song was certainly great and nice o listen to. HAHAHA. A round of applause for him..clapclapclap.

Nilah dia ..hahah...sorilah letak gmbr kau kalau tk suka cakap..aku letak gmbr yg lain pulak...MUAHAHAH. Anyway, there's no better promoter than the fans themselves. I f you don't believe me... Fine I'll guess you'll have to listen to the lady singing the songs.

Ok ,so I guess that's about it. If you wanna listen to more of her songs, there's this little something called YOUTUBE...not redtube okay