Sunday, 18 March 2012



You know the other day, I asked Jo a.k.a Kairul Hazwan what shampoo he used because I had just shampooed my hair that day. And he answered CLEAR. So,  I just said okay since it wasn't that big of deal for me that day. then, I asked another friend of mine about what shampoo he used and he also answered CLEAR. Then, I told my little sister to ask her male friend about what shampoo he used. And she was so psyched to tell me the next day. And yes, you guessed it. He used CLEAR. Taraa!So, then I thought, this is interesting. So, I started asking all my XY friends about what shampoo they used and most of them said CLEAR. With some exception of pantene, gervenne and whatever is at home. Then I started to ask my female friends about what shampoo they used. Both on twitter and facebook. The story's different with girls. Some used Herbal Essences, some used Dove, some used whateverlaah. I couldn't remember all of it. Soo, this post's about nothing really. Ladies, gents, go. Go and ask your male friend what shampoo they use.Maybe they'll answer


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  1. haha..xpasal gle post ni tp menarik..bole jd issue dah tade syampoo lain yg bagus mcm clear ke sampai male nmpk mcm tade pilihan syampoo?hoho