Thursday, 15 March 2012

mom IS your bestfriend

Assalamulaikum~. Hehe. What did she just write? I s she serious? Haha. She must be nuts. YEP. You read it right folks. I mean the part about mom being your best friend. Not the part where I'm nuts. I'm not crazy. At least, I think so....hmmmm. Anyway, seriously, I tell my mom everything. My exam results, my problems, what I do. I mean everything. Even my crush. hehe. She didn't even ask who it was. I volunteered to tell her who it was. In a workshop. hehe. You see, I tell her everything right? Sometimes, I do regret it. But when she comes up eith a solution for my problems, I don't regret it at all. For instance, yesterday I told her something and then got scolded real bad for it. On the phone. At first, I thought that I'm never ever going to tell her anything again. Because what she said really struck me to the heart. So, I continued to write in my personal diary. Then, what I wrote turned out to get me thinking that what my mom said was soooo true. So, my writing changed from me saying bad things about my mom to me doing really stupid stuff. Then, I felt really glad that I told my mom about it. Though I didn't want to at first. So, in a nutshell, don;t be embarrassed to confide in your mom. Maybe she'll scold you but she'll always help you to get through it. Hehe. Trust me. You wont regret it. Okay. Maybe just a little.

p/s- congrats to my pals who got their P already- Wafiqah, Syu, Faiqah

pp/s-my phone bill already arrived = ='

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