Wednesday, 7 March 2012

KONY 2012


Just now, I've finished watching this video on youtube. It's called KONY 2012. Anyway, I've heard of the name before on twitter but couldn't care less about it. So, earlier today, Jia told me to watch the vid so that later we can discuss about it. So, I watched it. The video lasted for about 30 minutes and it's about this guy called Joseph Kony who was supposedly responsible for abducting children in Uganda. Forcing the boys to become soldiers and the girls to become sex slaves. The purpose of doing that wasn't really obvious in the video. But basically, the video tells us to spread the name of JOSEPH KONY, a leader of the LRA. Anyway, I've done my part of telling the world that JOSEPH KONY is a bad guy and he must be stopped.

However, the guy behind the campaign is called Russel and no not Russel Brand. He's from America. I just thought that it was nice of him to speak in behalf of the Uganda children. But, it would also be nice if the voices of the middle eastern children be heard. In fact, maybe their voices have been heard but it's just that no actions have been taken. EVERYONE knows that America is responsible for the massacres in Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. However, it's as if everyone is pretending that she is not responsible for the war that has happened. I'm just saying that it would be so nice that if all wars in the world would be stopped.

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