Tuesday, 6 March 2012


When I was younger, I've heard of it and believed it,
It's just that it didn't cross my mind that I would fall for it,
Then, I met it. 
And reminded myself not to trust it,
After all, it doesn't really exist,
At least, not now,
Maybe later,
But I did the stupidest mistake,
It got my trust and attention,
And I didn't even realize it,
I started to like it and...
Spent time with it,
And as expected, 
It abandoned me,
Maybe it doesn't realize
its effects on me,
and decided to ignore me,
Though devastated,
I'm glad it happened now and not later,
At least, I've gotten to know more about it,
Experience is the best teacher,
But it didn't say that it would be the most painful........
So, now maybe I know better that to trust it,
At least not now, maybe later,
About 4-5 years from now.

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