Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Assalamualaikum bloggie. Ahhh...I feel as though it's been so long since I last posted anything here. I'm sorry bloggie. Muah2. XOXO.I missed you, you know. Even if you don't care. sob2. It's just that these past few days have been so hectic and I've got lots to figure out. So, I'm sure you would understand right? Thanks a bunch if you do.

So, I've been looking high and low for ideas on what to write here. I have had some ideas but haha I didn't have the time to write it down. So as I browsed through the paper, I noticed that there were so many news on girls running away from their home.


 Frankly, I don't know what they were thinking when they did that. And most of them are still in school. Lately, our country been bombarded with news of fake kidnapping cases. The girls ran away from home and claimed to be kidnapped since they were too scared to get scolded. Alaaa. Berani buat berani tanggunglah kan. Kata dah besar. I mean, I'm no angel to get mad at these girls but I do know enough to know that what they did wasn't right. I do know that I am matured enough to deny any rebelling feelings in my heart. And if I get confused, Allah, parents and friends are always there to help me(:

muka aku bile mtg lebih kurg mcm minah nii

Haha. Haihh. Adik2, akak has something to say to you. Aren't you guys scared of what the future holds for you? Especially when you don't have a degree with you. You see, I do understand the feeling of being in love( cehh, yg ni aku bajet je) . But, the feeling doesn't last long. Particularly when you realize that you don't have any money in your pocket. Mostly when you can't hear anything else but your tummy rumbling( kalau sebab puasa takpe jugak..kihkihkih).

Just know that your parents love you and that you're too young to know what love is. I mean I'm already 18( perghh, bajet abis belia lah tu), but I'm still blurry on what love really is. So, in a nutshell, I just want to say that what is most important is that when you have any problem bottled up inside you, look for the right person to tell it to. Allah ade. Mama ade. Kawan2 ade( bukan BUAYEfren atau GELIfren eh). Diary ade. BLOG pun ade. Ok. So, don't fret. Relax, take a deep breath and go drink some water. InsyaAllah everything will turn out to be SUPER, DUPER AWESOME. If only you do what Allah tells you to.

Nasihat ni juga ditujukan khas buat diriku dan rakan2 lepasan SPM yg sdg separuh gile isi scholarship. Alaaaa. Nnt bile kite dah kaya, dpt anak 18 org, lepak2 kat Paris 15 years from now, this tiny little hardship will seem so trivial.
 <<<<nnt kite lebih kurg mcm ni laaaa

P/S-aku buat spec br, sebijik mcm diva dh aku tgk muka aku nii..XOXO...

muka aku mcm ni lah lepas pakai spec tuu