Thursday, 15 March 2012


Hehe. I've been writing my diary since I was in Form 3. Credits must be given to sir Rashid. If he didn't push me, maybe I won't be writing my diary until now. Hehe. So, the reason he forced us to write our diary was because he said that it was the only chance that we were going to have to practise our English. So, he forced us to write in our diary everyday and send it tom him the next day. Some people chose to write 2 diaries.One was for sir to read and another one was for personal reasons. Hehe. I didn't have the time nor mood to waste my time to write in separate diaries so I just wrote in one. Besides sir was very nice. He won't judge us no matter what we do or write. And I didn't have anything that embarrassing to write in my diary until he wasn't allowed to read it. On the contrary, Hanis used to read mt diary for entertainment purposes. But now, no one is allowed to read my diary. It's WAY too personal for anyone to read. Don't get me wrong having a blog is also cool and fun. But I find it as a medium for me to express my opinions and awesome views on the world. I mean, who writes their thoughts on world hunger and war and peace in their diaries. Okay maybe some do but I don't. So, that's why I have a blog. 

Hehe. If I'm really into it, I can write until 5-6 pages per entry on my diary. For your information, when I went to rmc, I wrote about 20 pages in my diary. Haha. I must've been crazy. I wrote about everything. Every detail was recorded. Everything I felt. If I'm feeling lazy to write my diary, I just think about how funny it would be 20 years from now while reading my entries from when I was just a young lady. Blurghhh. I know young lady sounds terribly awful and disgusting but it makes me feel like a lady. Hey, I'm not that ladylike. So, you have to give me credit here. Hehe. Ooowh, by the way, current hobby is to read MARIA ELENA's blog. Since my life isn't that exciting right now, I'll just have to settle with reading other people's exciting life. Woot2!

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