Tuesday, 6 March 2012


When I was still schooling, I didn't quite understand the point of having a blog. What is the point of reading what others have to say? To read their life experiences and what they were doing? Then, I came across a blog. It's called musangberjalan. It was the first blog that I read seriously. And I have to say, it really opened my eyes as to what life was really about. The language was quite impressive than luck was on my side and it turned out that , the writer later became my friend on facebook. And he was really nice and gave me a lot of advices. And then, I decided to get my own blog and now, here I am. (: After seating for my SPM and currently waiting for its results to come in just about 2 weeks more, I started to read more blogs. Most of them are my friends. And, from how I see it, I can see that the posts have gotten more matured and mostly about life, about the need to change yourself and so on so forth. Recently, I read Syu's blog and it's called syuhaidaahmadkamal. She recited Gandhi and disagreed with what he said. And gave justifications to as why she disagreed with the quote. And to me that showed maturity and calmness as she was matured enough to accept other people opinions and readjusted her view on the matter as to how she felt about it.ape aku merepek ni. Anyway, reading blogs are not a crime as long as it doesn't waste your time and enriches your opinions on how life really is.

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