Saturday, 31 March 2012

al- Huthamah

Kecelakaan besar bagi setiap pencaci pengeji
Yang mengumpulkan harta dan berulang-ulang menghitung kekayaaan-Nya
Ia menyangka bahawa hartanya itu dapat mengekanlkannya( dalam dunia ini)
Tidak, sesungguhnya dia akan dicampakkan ke dalam AL-HUTHAMAH
Dan apa jalannya engkau dapat mengetahui apa dia Al- Huthamah itu
Al-Huthamah itu ialah api Allah yang dinyalakan( dengan perintahnya)
Yang naik mejulang ke hati
Sesungguhnya api neraka itu ditutup rapat atas mereka
Mereka terikat di situ pada bayang-bayang palang yang melintang panjang

Assalamualaikum. Okay. The above sentences are the meaning of the surah Al-Humazah. The surah is about Allah's prohibition on cursing. That's what pencaci and pengeji mean right. So, this clearly means that we are not allowed to curse or say bad things to others. What 'bad things' mean depends on the situation and person. When we're mad, we tend to say bad things because now, our actions are no longer controlled by our mind but our emotions and our heart. Do remember that anger is fire and fire is the iblis. 

I'm not saying that it's wrong to feel mad or a bit blue or even uncomfortable. We're normal human beings and having emotion are what makes life colourful. Can you imagine a life with no feelings or sentiments?? That would be so wrong. Just try to remember Allah and He will definitely help you to get through the harsh times in your life. won't be that much of a hassle to have friends around too...hihihi

try senyum mcm dia ni...muahaha       

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