Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Wow! What am I? A bulldozer?dah alang2 excited nak update blog aku update lahh... HAHA..Assalamualaikum world...may all of you be in the pink..keh3...lately we keep hearing about vanilla coklat, nada cinta, gemersik kalbu and many2 more. That could only mean one thing, LOVE is in the air.Hik3. And it can be expressed in so many ways...eye contact, touches, words, texts and my favourite SONGS. Lalala~..Hhehe. Cause songs need no language and so does love... So. among my favorites are as follows
1) Terukir di bintang-Yuna
2) Penakut-Yuna
3) Di saat aku mencintaimu-Dadali
4) Penghujung Cintaku-Pasha feat Adelia
and many many more....hehe.. I am sangaping with Yuna right now...Doesn't matter if she lost in the previous AJL cause i fell in love with her music after I heard the songs in AJL.....So in short she's just super something..Credit has to be given to Jo(Kairul Hazwan) also cause he told me about the songs..huhu..thanks Jo.(:

These are all the girls that I love and care about....including me of course and STF. I love her too..Okay the fur coat was just something that I wore at a mall. It's not like I would actually own something like that.= ='

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