Saturday, 11 February 2012

Valentine's Day and lembut awww~

Since yesterday, the hot topic that everyone's been talking about is Valentines Day . All of us know the history behind it and that we are absolutely RESTRICTED from celebrating it. But you and I both know that knowing and understanding are very different things. And when things get tough, remember you have your friends and family to support you. And if they can't handle the job, you will always have Allah s.w.t to turn to. So,together let's fight the temptations of celebrating Valentine's day. p/s- kalau dah tak tahan sangat kahwin je lahh..hehe and my mama keep telling me to use saya awak with boys in stead of aku kau. I have nothing against saya awak, but maaann, I have never used saya awak even with my girls..
But mama, I'll try okay..
Urrghhh, though it will pain me to do so

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