Thursday, 23 February 2012


Tears rolled down these cheeks and I've got no one to blame but me.
Every time I am feeling down, mom would always make the right guess.
She would ask "are you having a fight with your friend? "
"are you bored staying at home all the time? "
But this morning, she was wrong.
I was feeling a bit sad and it must have shown on my face.
She asked,"why do you look like you're worrying about something?"
I said it was nothing, like always.
And then, she said, "is it about SPM results that was going to come out soon?"
I stayed quiet for a moment and said yeah.
"It's my friends, they keep reminding me about SPM"
I tried to say the words with a smile on my face.
But, I guess the fake smile must have looked stupid.
I'm glad she made the wrong guess this time.
Otherwise, the tears will come again to roll down these cheeks....

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