Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Assalamualaikum~. Hhehe.rase cam na cakap banyaaaak sgt..tak tau lah ingt ke time basuh pinggan rase nk tulis mcm2. haih...So here it borak2 ngan Faiqah dia ckp dia puasa, aku terus tersentap..tetiba teringat..bile last time aku puasa ek? rase2 nya cam last year je...hehe thanks Faiqah sbb ingtkan aku..lepas ni nak puasa balik..byk kot puasa sunat yg ada...klau time nak SPM dulu bukan main ag solat hajat lah, doa, yasin lah, tp lepas SPM ape cer..same2 aku ingtkan diri aku gak...

Pastu td kan, mase tgh goreng2 kat dapur, tibe2 rase cam surirumah in training lak..padahal....when  I had just finished my SPM, I felt as though I had so much to do and there's not enough time in the was as if the world was the one that had to do the catching up....but then, reality hits me..KABABOMM! I had nothing to do..aigoo. All did was do the house chores..every single day..and surfing the internet of course. But I didn't even watch that many korean dramas and talk shows in the internet...I could still hear the talk among my friends who just couldn't wait to get out of STF and we wanted to watch cerita hindustan and wanted to learn Ma Boy-sistar 19...

Everyday I had to do chores...I really didn't mind but there were days where I was so lazy I felt like crying then Hanis had to withstand my grumbling..hehe Sorry Nis...XOXO....There was this one time when I had just woken up and wanted to bathe and I saw the mee and I knew mama wanted me to cook them..and I felt like URGGGHHHHH!!but did it anyway lah..hehe
That's it guys.. akhir kalam, anak dara jgn pemalas....bangun awal mask jgn tak masak! 

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