Tuesday, 7 February 2012


 Haha..Me friends.. But today I'm not going to talk about them. I'm going to talk bout love. Love comes when you least expect them to.But hey can you please come and wreck my life after I finished my degree and everything? Aigoo... Haihh. It all started when I went to this special place and I got to study with 'him'. Ngeh2. I never expected to have a crush on anyone anyway. At first, he was just really nice and he was really sweet. I've never met any boy who is as polite as he is. At first I didn't realize that any feeling were to foster in my heart but when my life started to get back to it's normal pace and events, I began to realize that his face popped up every time I studied..
And then, the episodes began. Mase aku dgr lagu cinta, aku teringat dia. Mase aku dgr lagu break up, teringat dia. Mase tgk citer korea, teringat dia. Mase buat ap2 pun, teringat dia. Nak lupa rase sayang gile.. Sbb feeling berada in love one the most best feeling ever.When you fall in love, your body releases endorphin( body's natural morphine) and you automatically feel as though you're being swayed..........
  Dopamine produces a feeling of being in bliss. Norepinephrine produces racing heart and excitement and byk lagi lah...hehe..I feel quite silly sometimes but maybe this is one of the those days where I have to face head on..though I may lose my heart and possibly my mind in the process..kah3. Anyway, love towards a crush can be EXCITING but what is most important is love to Allah S.W.T.

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