Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Let's think

Girls, boys, ladies and gentlemen. We often think of our problems in our life and ponder less on the beauty of life. When your teacher gives you tonnes of homework, you grumble and complain. I would know because I do the same thing too. :( Instead, you forget about the children in other parts of the world who struggles to get to school in order to get education. 
In fact, let's not talk about the big stuff. Let's talk about the simple teniee winiee tiny prolem that we may face in life. When you perform your zuhur solah at 1540, when you can't get your eyes open to do the qiamullail. How can we have so much difficulties in doing things that will benefit us and have no problem at all when we're catching the latest Vanilla Chocolate episode or staying up to talk to your boyfriend. When you should really be talking to your true Lover. HIM. 
French muslims performing their solat

hAIH.....My point is that this video tells us that Rasulullah S.A.W has done so much to bring Islam back into our lives and we're doing everything we can to throw it out. I would know because I'm doing it right now. Huk2. Let us all change for the better. InsyaAllah

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